Mike ‘Misso’ Misson – Unlocking Student potential with Speed and Agility.

Mike ‘Misso’ Misson has an athletic pedigree that many would dream of – Dad played Test Cricket for Australia, Mum represented Great Britan in athletics and his brother Dave also represented Australia in athletics.


Misso himself lived life in the fast lane playing Aust. Schoolboys Rugby for Waverley College in Sydney, Aust. U19s and U21s Rugby and went on to play Pro- Rugby in Europe for 6 years. He also represented Aust. in Junior Athletics. Now as a running coach and mentor Misso is arguably one of the best high performance junior athlete developers in the country.

When we spoke to Misso about the target audience of our BrightSchool SportsApp Newsletter he was as usual very quick off the mark, “When it comes to developing young athletes at school or otherwise, knowledge is everything. One of the most understated areas that I see in athletic development is the importance of running technique and agility”.

Misso offers some context around this, “My experience is that development of running efficiency and footwork is important for all sports. The years of refining my program have drawn athletes from a very broad array of sporting backgrounds (both school or club based); athletics, rugby, AFL, soccer, tennis, swimming, water polo and the list goes on. Every single athlete that I work closely with on technique and agility, improves in their chosen sport”.

One of the most critical elements of Misso’s ‘Speed and Aglity’ program is a discipline approach, “I focus my athletes very quickly on warming up properly pretraining or event/game. Then there is the attention to detail on the technique itself and maintaining that technique throughout. Finally, its about being as professional as possible and I have implemented a 100-point recovery system after major activities”.

Driven by passion and backed up by years of experience and knowledge Misso has inspired hundreds of young athletes in their ultimate journey to high performance running and agility. Based in Sydney Misso works around various grounds in the Eastern Suburbs and offers a sample ‘Athletic and Development Program’ for our readers to have a look at how he operates.

“I often write specialist programs like the one I provided to the BrightSchool team to publish. I take enormous responsibility for my athletes achieving their ultimate best. The school system is a critical custodial pathway for the continued development of sport in our country. Hopefully this sample program offers some benefits and inspiration to all School
Sports Directors, Coaches and Sports lovers”.

The School system is a critical custodial pathway for the continued development of sport in our country

Mike ‘Misso’ Misson – Director Misso Fitness & SpeedandAgility.com.au


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Mike ‘Misso’ Misson – Unlocking Student potential with Speed and Agility.