Roll Call at co-curricular a major oversight in our Education System.

Care beyond the classroom will become a commonly used phrase in the education system if Andrew Yanitsas – Head of Sport at St Catherine’s School Waverley has his way.


St Catherine’s profiled like 99% of Schools around the country that simply did not have the time or facilities to complete Roll Call for all sport and co-curricular activities. If Roll Call was in fact completed it was always hand written, paper based and then maybe rekeyed into a separate school database. Andrew goes on to state, “It was very frustrating knowing that as much as we wanted to do Roll Call for all training and fixture activities we simply could not do it effectively for all students”.

The critical aspect of Roll Call at co-curricular is that without the right tool in place (capable of time-stamping the attendance records) a school simply cannot put hand on heart with 100% that a student is actually at any scheduled sporting activity or not. In classroom Roll Call was always the school priority for this very reason. Attendance and absentee records must be kept on file for 7 years by law for in classroom and co-curricular activities.

So something had to change in the Education system to address this. Parents are often shocked that this is the case with sports where the care and safety of their child should be the first priority, but the right technology was simply not available. Until now with the clever BrightSchool SportsApp!

Andrew states, “Having the right tool that was simple to use but could help bridge the gap between our Edumate platform and all the work completed to coordinate fixtures was the key to overcoming this problem. BrightSchool worked incredibly closely with our technology team and my sports department to deliver a SportsApp that not only completed the Roll Call via a Smartphone, but also timestamps all attendance and absentee records for reporting purposes covering all sports and co-curricular data. All the while the SportsApp looks and feels like a genuine St Catherine’s online presence and syncs back to the Edumate platform”.

Roll Call is a key record required in any worst-case scenario such as a very significant injury or where there is that scary rare incident (e.g. a student does not arrive to an activity after a parent dropped them off). Could you retrieve the Roll Call records from an off campus game back in 2010? The duty of care at sports activities remains with the school so Roll Call becomes a vital source of audit and reporting. The right Roll Call solution ensures schools can comply with the ever increasing demands of risk management.

“It’s no secret that the school gets audited and we are now regularly being asked to produce official attendance records. This used to send chills down our spine but now we are able to provide indisputable sports attendance records instantly for those serious investigations. However, we prefer to talk about the positive aspect of the SportsApp where parents know just how committed St Catherine’s is to the safety and pastoral care of their children. This was always our first priority”.

The BrightSchool Sports App is a very simple to deploy and use solution with lots of benefits to schools, parents and of course for students.

But the most critical win for the Education System in Australia is now enabling Roll Call for Sports activities and delivering genuine care beyond the classroom for all students with a simple but very powerful solution.

But we prefer to talk about the positive aspect of the Roll Call where parents know how committed St Catherine’s is to the safety and pastoral care of their children

Andrew Yanitsas – Head of Senior School Sport St Catherine’s School

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Roll Call at co-curricular a major oversight in our Education System.


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